~Dani~ (semaphore_girl) wrote,

I love Phoenix in the springtime...

Ah, the simple pleasures of life. I took my Angel dog jogging at our lake this morning. A cool breeze was blowing while we chased the ducks into the water and the delicious grass smells that sent my dog jerking my arm in every random direction.

After dropping the dogs off at home, I went with my parents to a jewelry store that was holding an art festival for a local watercolor artist. Her style was a mixture of fluid water color techniques and eclectic art deco designs that really inspired me. So, when I came home later, I dug out my old airbrushing books and delved in for some pleasurable studytime (something I never really experienced in school...)

We also went to a fabric store where we looked at luxurious silks for the swag I want to sew for our new master bedroom. We also found some bolts of microsuede in rich browns and golds that I'd like to use for recovering the chairs of our dining set. I tried to explain the concept of shabby sheik to Doug, but he still thinks the finish on our chairs looks dirty. So, that'll be another project - sanding, repainting and sealing all our "new" dining room furniture.

I whittled the afternoon away making chicken soup and lazing on our patio swing out in the beautiful sunshine, watching the wispy clouds flow across the sky like the gentle waves of a rising tide. I took some pictures to get ideas for the ceiling of our master bath which I'm determined to airbrush with clouds like all the Vegas casinos. If it turns out, I'll post some pics.
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