~Dani~ (semaphore_girl) wrote,

Another classic Danielle moment

Doug and I had a wonderful, romantic weekend together in Oregon. We drove out to Cannon beach, played in the sand and strolled through the numerous boutiques along the shoreline. We watched a glass blowing demonstration and shared an ice cream cone. Then, over a delicious four-course dinner back in Portland, we had some great conversations. However, I was correcting him each time he ended a sentence with "at" because that's one of my little pet peeves right now. For example, "I didn't know where I'd be at". I don't know why that bothers me so much, but it does. He didn't appreciate the grammar policewoman comments. So, when we discussed the bill and how expensive our drinks were, I made the brilliant comment: "Wow, if I knew how much the beers were I wouldn't have even ordered one, since I didn't eat the whole thing." Doug just looked over at me with one of those, "Do you know how stupid you just sounded?" looks, and I felt like it was Trivial Pursuit all over again...
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