~Dani~ (semaphore_girl) wrote,

Physically Challenged

Had a physical this morning super early before work. I'd getting established with a new doctor and had to see his nurse practioner out in Sun Lakes. It amazes me how developers choose to build communities out in the middle of nowhere. What's more amazing is, given 10 years or so, the borders of Phoenix will have sprawled out passed these communities. Ever think Phoenix and Tucson will meet up?

Physical went really well. My blood work was all normal - just glucose levels below normal. Probably has something to do with the fasting ahead of time. I've gotten used to eating about 5 small meals a day now, so maybe fasting for 12 hours was too much for my blood sugar. I didn't feel faint or anything, so it was probably just fine. I just adored my nurse practioner. She was so sweet! She told me she'd love to adopt me because she was having issues with her rebellious teenage daughter. When checking my stomach, she even commented on what a good girl I was without having my belly button pierced! I couldn't believe my appointment lasted an hour. I'm so used to doctors that will only have time to see you for about 15 minutes. She did convince me to try the Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo instead of the regular contraceptive because of the blood clot risk. My mom got a nasty one in her leg a few years ago and I've been a bit leery of that potential side effect ever since. However, I'm a bit scared to try it since I'm the kind of person that hates to try new things when I already know what works. She also told me that all my cracking (I can crack just about every joint any time I move it) was from loose ligaments and that I shouldn't do jarring exercises like running (think trapoline juggies) for risk of arthritis later on in life. So, maybe I should ellipse more than jog at the gym?

Tile's all put in and looks lovely. The house is really starting to come together. I can hardly wait for the carpet to get put in on Friday and we can finally move our furniture in from the garage. Is it fall yet?
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