~Dani~ (semaphore_girl) wrote,

Failing the marshmellow test

Ok, so my marshmellow scores aren't quite as high as my SATs. With our new house I have a harder time saving than I'm used to. All these temptations and necessities keep draining the bank account. Of course, I'm justifying today's little purchase with my recent raise at work...

I took my friend Lisa to the annual ASU piano sale this afternoon. I learned to play in grade school on an electric keyboard. I never learned the basics of a pedal and ran out of keys on several of the songs I wanted to play. However, piano music has always moved me and I've longed to become better and play on a real piano. I actually dated a rather creepy and stalkerish guy in high school just to listen to him play the piano (had to call it quits when he told me about all the voices he was hearing telling him to destroy the world...) Anyhow, when I read about the piano sale at ASU, I had to go. ASU gets piano donations for its practice rooms each year from the top piano makers like Yamaha and Steinway. So, each year, ASU sells off its previous donations to get ready for the new ones. Therefore, you can purchase a year-old quality piano for half price. Also available are pianos from private donors and brand new pianos that companies such as Washburn donate. So, I grabbed my favorite pianist and we went to ASU to check them out.

Now, I originally decided to go with no intent to buy. Actually, I had all intentions of borrowing my parents' electric keyboard and starting to play it over the next year. That way, if I played it a lot and really got back into music, then I could buy a piano at next year's sale. However, after listening to Lisa play a very expensive (we're talking $32,000 here), Yamaha grand piano in one of the music building's concert halls, I was enraptured and purchased the nicest sounding but cheapest used one for sale. So much for my nice wait-for-a-year-then-get-one plan. Oh well, I figure that this summer will be the only time I'll have our house to myself for some intense piano study.
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