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~Dani~'s Journal
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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
4:08 pm
Stepford Wife? Not quite...
I've been enjoying my week of housewifedom. I've been staying with Doug in Portland since Sunday and will be here until next Friday. It's really fun and relaxing getting to be a housewife. I wake up around 4:30 when the cat starts eating my hair. I then fall back asleep after about ten minutes with Marco sleeping on my stomach. Doug gets up around 6 and tries to get me up. I then drive him to work, go to the grocery for the evening meal's ingredients and go work out back at the apartment (trying to get my lazy butt back in skiing shape). The afternoon consists of cleaning (laundry, vacuuming, ironing...) and cooking (so far I've made an elaborate fried onion chicken dish and enchiladas - tonight it's turkey lasagna!). I may not be wearing high heels all day, but I think I'm doing a great housewife job!

Weather here is awesome right now. The morning's are all misty and about 37 degrees. After I dropped Doug off today, I was driving home and the mist grew into a thick, white blanket. I couldn't see anything except the road right in front of me and the traffic light once I was right up to it. It was really exciting but a bit scary!

I watched our wedding video today. It's crazy to think our one year anniversary is next week (also Lindsay's birthday - yay, 21!). Watching that video made me realize just how much I miss all of our friends! Luv you guys! Although the bouquet didn't mean Nyssa would be the next to marry, the garter had its influence on Craig. So, congratulations to my brother-in-law and soon-to-be sister-in-law on their engagement. I can hardly wait for all the fun weddings of our friends in the next couple of years here :)
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
11:49 pm
Props to my poker stud!
My honey just won the jackpot at Casino Arizona last night! His Aces full Queens got beat by four Aces. So, he got to split the jackpot with the winner! Plus, he got to take it home in cash and threw it on me as I was laying in bed. Man, it feels good to be showered in cash!
11:44 pm
Academic Records anyone?
Ok, I really feel that schools should keep academic records, as well as athletic records. Like, in addition to touchdown passes in one season, we could have records like, number of grants won by a grad student, highest GRE/LSAT/MCAT scores, etc. Just some stats to go along with the top students to foster a little healthy academic competition. Well, even if it doesn't ever happen, I'm keeping my own stats. I hold the record at ASU for the first ever Bioengineering and Computer Systems Engineering double major. I also hold the 4.0 double-major engineering degree record. So, M.E. that got the More award instead of me (I know it's not spelled right, but I'm slightly intoxicated...), I'd like to see you get that 4.0 in two engineering majors! I'm not bitter, just drunk! ;)
Sunday, December 12th, 2004
10:03 pm
Weekend of fun, but now, it's done....
Friday was awesome! Inter-Tel had their annual holiday party at the Wyndham Buttes resort in Tempe. Doug flew down for the weekend and we checked into the resort Friday afternoon. The party had a casino night theme. I wish we would have taken pics because we looked hot! Doug was all decked out in his gorgeous gray suit with a blue collared shirt and tie. I wore a tight, long black dress with a high slit and an empire waistline of sequins and flesh-colored material. It was hot! We went down for our happy hour and bought our $7 whiskey and cokes and did the whole mingling thing. It was really fun to introduce my stud to all my co-workers. The dinner was really nice - the ballroom was about 5 times the size of our reception room for our wedding (and about five times the people!). After dinner, the little meeting room outside was lined with tables such as blackjack and craps. The dealers belonged to some organization that goes around to these kind of parties and hosts fake-gambling tables. We each were given $100,000 in Steve Mihalo bucks (our CEO was framed on the center of the money). You could buy raffle tickets for $25,000 each. A friend of ours won a portable DVD player - so, not too shabby prizes. Doug and I didn't win anything, but we sure had a blast at the craps table. Luckily, the $300,000 or so I blew on the tables that night was fake money!!! The resort itself was pretty spiffy. It was built up into the Tempe Buttes themselves. A portion of the mountain actually jutted into the lobby. We had such a great time!!!

Saturday was pretty fun, too. We met up with Daniel, Phil, Sarah, Garrett, and Rennee at Cue Club. Daniel was in a pool tournament there, so he told us we'd have a table for free that night. A buddy of mine from worked showed up, so we played partner eight-ball most of the evening. I got pretty shnockered off a long island and several heffes over the course of the evening. At some point, Daniel disappeared. Considering it was his ID the bar was holding for the table, we all assumed he'd come back. However, when we left at 1AM, Daniel was still nowhere to be found and the table ended up costing us $35! So, Daniel, I'm holding your ID ransom ;)

Ah, fun weekend! But now I must go back to studying for my OS final on Tuesday. Boo!!!
Friday, December 3rd, 2004
8:26 pm
Feeling... Naked!
Ok, so, I got this random idea to shave my arms. I've been feeling really stressed out lately with end-of-the-semester (end of college for that matter) projects. I thought that maybe hairlessness would empower me throughout finals. I was rather wrong! Instead, I'm feeling very exposed and vulnerable. So please, don't attack me right now ;)

Spent a good 26 hours or so in the computer lab the passed couple of days. This VHDL project was kicking my bum until I programmed the snot out of the board today. Not only did I finish my burglar alarm and my vending machine, I went for the extra credit and turned my board into a stopwatch. I am so proud of myself! It just made me nostalgic for the crazy programming session Holly and I went through last semester. Ah, memories...

Good luck to everyone with finals!
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
7:15 pm
The Perfect Wife...
After 5 1/2 hard years of college, now that I'm finally getting my double major completed, I've come up with a new goal... I want to be the perfect wife! I just finished watching the Stepford Wives, and I so want to be one! They are Barbie incarnate. I can just picture myself, in my high heels with the little fuffy feathers, having just cooked a three-course meal for the family and scrubbed our Connecticut mansion to sparkling perfection, pouring Doug a cold beer and massaging his feet as he watches Monday night football. I may need a nose job and a bottle of peroxide, plus I may need to lose about 15 pounds, but I think I can do it. Who doesn't want to be Barbie? Well, or married to Barbie, that is? ;)

Saturday, November 13th, 2004
12:15 pm
Another Danielleism...
Ok, for those of you that enjoy my random stupidness, here's a cute one for you. Yesterday, after taking a shower in the morning (and shaving my legs) I went downstairs to make breakfast. I took a glass out of the cabinet and the OJ out of the fridge. After pouring the myself a glass of orange juice, I went to put away the OJ and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't fit. It then occurred to me that I was trying to shove the OJ container into the glass cabinet instead of the fridge. My dad, who was previously drinking coffee and reading the paper almost spit out his coffee laughing at me. Remember, this is after I shaved my legs!

I had a very wild night last night. I pulled out the old Super Nintendo, got myself a couple spoonfuls of cake mix (super healthy) and sat in my big, comfy leather chair to play Super Mario World while listening to Radio Disney. I felt like the happiest, dorkiest girl in the world! It was classic.

So, I bought myself a birthday outfit today. I think it's cute - even if some of my friends think my boots are hooker boots! Tell me what ya think :)

Friday, October 15th, 2004
4:23 pm
Big surprise, huh? Now all my liberal friends can hate me.

Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

brought to you by Quizilla
Monday, September 27th, 2004
10:24 pm
Just a quicky to take a break. So crazy anymore between work and school. I dragged my sneezy self out of bed this morning to go to class then I went for a hectic day of work. It was really fun at work - all 9+ hours actually flew by, but I feel so behind on everything! Plus, I'm kind of in charge of things now that our team lead has been pulled off our project. All the responsibilities of a team lead and only a parttime intern - eek!

Brigid, luv, don't let Mt. St. Helens get you!

Lindsay, are you doing Pilates without me?
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
1:02 pm
Listening to...
Fever for the Flava - made me miss my Lani twin!

Also, had lunch at a deli today and our table number was 37 - that's for you Alex!

Quiche with my Cumulus Cloud Queen tomorrow before she leaves... Don't go! Everyone's always leaving! Makes me sad...
1:00 pm
Listening to...
Fever for the Flava - made me miss my Lani twin!

Also, had lunch at a deli today and our table number was 37 - that's for you Alex!

Quiche with my Cumulus Cloud Queen tomorrow before she leaves... Don't go! Everyone's always leaving! Makes me sad...
Monday, September 13th, 2004
8:44 pm
Fall resolutions:

1) Build my own PC with my P4 Doug's getting me
2) Graduate with a 4.0 after a ridiculously long stay in undergrad (this may involve studying which I'm having a hard time doing anymore...)
3) Receive/accept an offer from Inter-Tel (here's hopin)
4) Lose 5% body fat or weigh 110 (which ever comes first)
5) Start my 401K and save a good chunk towards our downpayment
6) Ski a black run on Mt. Hood (this one's a bit scary)
7) See the Dolphins play in the pooring rain of Seattle
8) Convince my parents to let me breed our Labrodor Retriever (to my boss's dog, you sickos)
9) Finish anywhere but last in our pick'em league
10) Something profoundly altruistic

Instead of resolutions in January, we'll see how far I come :)
Monday, September 6th, 2004
10:52 pm
Creeped Out
I've been playing poker online every Monday with Doug, an uncle, and my dad. I play at PokerStars.com where they let you put a pic up next to your name. I chose a boring but cute headshot for my name. However, it seems like I can't play anymore! Even with my dad, uncle, and Doug in the rooms, I get mercilessly hit on. And tonight, it was downright raunchy. Two guys ganged up on me, making comments about me giving them head. I finally had to leave the room and go to a different one. But, they followed me (you can search for a particular player) and started up again. It's ridiculous. I don't think I'm an exceptionally attractive person, so I don't know what the big deal is. I just want to play some poker! I think I'll have to remove my pic; hopefully I won't have to change my user name. Some people are such jerks.
8:02 pm
Fun party last night at a friend's house in Paradise Valley. It's sad to think that our core group of friends is almost dissolved in terms of weekend fun. In many ways, I felt like an outsider at this little party. I knew about half the people, and it was really fun - drinking games, fire in the fire pit, swimming, guitar playing for those that can (the rest of us, just enjoying the night air), intellectual conversations that don't really mean anything. It was really fun, but made me nostalgic for the Bishop house ;)

Fun with Bri shopping today. Check out the pics from her LJ link. Sad to think she's leaving soon. Man, too many goodbyes lately! I need to start picking up Pilates with Lindsay again, or I'll have to go jeans shopping soon...
Saturday, September 4th, 2004
3:43 pm
Pasta Time...
Here's the long awaited Four Peaks "drink the menu" night pic:


It's been a fun day. I made some pasta with my mother to the background of Italian opera music. We made fettucini and angel hair. In about an hour, I'll sautee some peppers (3 colors) and red onion in olive oil, then I'll mix in some diced tomatoes and herbs. It'll be yummy!
Saturday, August 28th, 2004
6:38 pm
Fun Night
Doug is out visiting - yay! So, we met Phil, Sarah, Al, Renny, Garret, JT, his Sarah, and Clapp at Four Peaks. I had my yummy Heffe and some dinner, then we went out on Mill. It was strange and a bit sad without the complete group, but we still had a ton of fun.

We ditched the guys at Cue Club and went out dancin! Owl's Nest had a cover - some stupid fashion show, so we went to Margarita Rocks instead. That was really fun; I love dancing with my girlies! Except for the creepy guys that sort of slink up to you on the dance floor and attempt to start some bumpin and grindin without realizing how crappy their dancing is, and the more important wedding rings... Whenever that would happen, Sarah and I would start some of our own grindin and turn our backs to them! ;) It just wasn't the same without Holly this time, though. She's got some great moves!

Renny left for a party, so it was just JT's Sarah and me then. We ended up at the Library, and somehow, Sarah convinced me to dance on the bar with her. They made us sign our lives away on a waiver form, then we were up on the bar, by ourselves, in the very crowded, but thankfully dark bar. I had on a pretty short skirt, so it was a kinda crazy, but we were having fun. After a couple songs, we went to Fascinations and bought all the guys some erotic bubble gum. It was really cute, with sex poses and phrases on the gum balls. I got Doug a lap dance one :P

We met up with the guys at Rula Bula where Doug, Garret, and JT were in a heated discussion about shrimp. Conversation eventually left the all-you-can-eat-shrimp-night reminiscing (which involved commentary on the sauce, biscuits, and methodology) and moved to poker. Although we were hoping to make it to the new 2AM closing time, we left around 12:30 to go play some hold-em at Garret's. The guys got in a very loud discussion about fantasy football, and the girls sat back and took a lot of there chips :) We finally cut them off around 3AM since we were all the DD's and were tired!

Sadly, the Jack-in-the-Box by my house was not a 24-hr one, but Doug actually preferred to have me make him a sandwich. All this cooking on his own has gotten him weened off fast food. He got a PB n' jelly on fresh homemade bread, all-natural PB, and low-sugar jelly. It was really yummy and better than the mystery-meat tacos!

We're looking forward to Liz's 21st Bday party tonight. My dad's gonna take him fishing after the USC game pre-party. I just love our neighborhood! Not that I'd trust eating the fish we catch out of our lake...

We're gonna play some racquetball tomorrow. After playing almost every day this summer, I hope to score on him before I get creamed. I still have a hope that I can beat him someday... Then, sigh, he'll have to go to the airport. At least this long-distance thing is working out a lot better than I ever could have imagined. Well, I'll post the drink-the-menu picture as soon as I can :)
Friday, August 20th, 2004
9:37 pm
Pictures from Portland
Ok, finally got a chance to throw a website together for our Portland pics:


enjoy :)
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
11:25 pm
For Josh...
I need a beer!

Look about the very middle of the page. Thought you'd appreciate this. :)
Monday, August 16th, 2004
12:35 pm
Weekend in Portland
Just got back from another wonderful weekend in Portland. Doug and I went to Washington Park on Saturday. Absolutely gorgeous! Since the park was so big, we focused on the Japanese and rose gardens. The Japanese garden was everything the website described (not that I could really verify the claim that it was the best Japanese garden outside of Japan). From the cascading waterfall into a koi pond, to the immaculately trimmed bushes and stepping stones, to the swirling patterns in the rocks of the zen gardens, this place was peaceful and lovely. The rose garden right to the east was incredible too! Portland is known as the rose city, and for good reason. Roses were everywhere - bushes in neat rows, climbing roses curling around old-fashioned lamp posts and arbors, and tree roses blossoming around a beautiful fountain. It was so beautiful! Especially with the forest as a backdrop and the rolling hills and mountains of Portland off in the distance. Not to mention it was 78 degrees! Just lovely! I'll post pics soon.

Sunday was nice too! We played frisbee at a park near Doug's apartments and watched the blue angels swooping overhead from the airshow at the Hillsboro airport. I ate too much, as usual, but finally decided that Heffeweizen is my favorite beer. I had an awesome one at the Old Chicago in Beaverton. Oh, and don't go see the Village. Doug and I agreed that the plot had way too many holes and was downright silly ;)

Great thanks to my good friends, Lindsay and Jason, for circling the airport 7 times to pick me up! Stupid Southwest posting ontime for my flight when it was 50 minutes late!
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
11:01 pm
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